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Beginning Clarinet Songbook

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Beginning Clarinet Songbook
Lesson 7, Song 5

Clarobotoo and the Dolphins Skim the Surface of the Sea

Clarobotoo and the Dolphins Skim the Surface of the Sea


Clarobotoo's first adventure occurred shortly after leaving his lovely home by the sea. He flew very close to the water to see if he was able to view any dolphins, and sure enough, he saw several. The dolphins had never seen a flying car before and were quite curious about it. Clarobotoo turned on his automatic pilot and started playing the clarinet. The dolphins immediately knew that they were in the presence of a friendly being and dove in and out of the water, following Clarobotoo for many miles. This song is the one that he played for the dolphins.
Since Clarobotoo is a very intelligent robot, he was able to understand the dolphins' language and they were all able to talk to one another. The dolphins asked him if he had ever been to a desert or the mountains. They had heard of such things but had never experienced them since they spent all of their time in the water. That gave Clarobotoo an idea for his next adventures. He promised to go to those places and return to tell the dolphins all about them.

Helpful Suggestions

Sound: This piece has a range from C to A. You can find the fingerings here. It is marked piano, so play softly. This song is calm and pleasant. Play a steady piano dynamic from the beginning to the end.

Clarinet Fingering Chart

Rhythm: Clarobotoo and the Dolphins Skim the Surface of the Sea is in four-four time, which means that there are four beats in a measure and the quarter note is equal to one beat. Playing along with Talking MetronomeBot in quadruple meter will help you maintain a steady tempo.
This piece has eighth notes, half notes, and one whole note. Make sure to tap your foot to the beat and subdivide the beat evenly to play accurate eighth notes. Notice that the rhythm of the first measure is repeated through every other measure in the piece (except for the last measure). Once you can play the first measure accurately, you can play the rhythm of every measure accurately.

MetronomeBot Talking Metronome in Four

Melody: This piece consists of 5, four-measure phrases. Breathe deeply and play all the way through each phrase without stopping. Tongue lightly and play as smoothly as you can.

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