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In The Shadow of Palms

In the Shadow of Palms features Kyle Coughlin on clarinet and tenor saxophone playing duos with pianist Lou Rainone and guitarist Michael Raitzyk. Coughlin composed all of the pieces which range in style from straight ahead jazz to Latin to funk. The CD includes a few ballads and bears the influence of impressionist music and Irish jigs, as wll. One of the pieces, entitled “Olney” -- the town where Coughlin grew up, has a feel similar to the early style of Pat Metheny.

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When Afternoons Return

When Afternoons Return features the Kyle Coughlin Quartet, with Coughlin on tenor saxophone, Michael Raitzyk on guitar, Jeff Reed on bass, and Mike Kuhl on drums. All of the compositions were written by Coughlin. Stylistically, the music on the CD is straight ahead jazz, but there are many other influences, including Irish reels, impressionist harmonies, 1960’s go-go beats, and Latin rhythms.

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